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More Advantages Using Computerised E-prescription
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Doctor's Desktop is designed to Suit the needs of Medical Practitioners for easy and simple Electronic medical recording and EHR.Doctors Desktop made Patient management system very simple and fast.Doctors Desktop is In-Built with Complete Drug Reference provided by NLM Resources and other Trusted Indian Drug Database and resources for quick reference of treatment Online and offline

E-prescription Features using Doctors desktop E-prescribing software
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Complete Drug Reference and E-Labels
Complete Drug Reference with 65000 Electronic Label Resources which is Publishd by FDA and by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) And Many resources
Medicine Database for Easy Computerised prescribing
Complete Offline Database Search - Doctors Desktop provides Updated databases of more than 70,000 Indian Brand medicine and drug formulation available in Indian market as well as FDA approved Drugs,with contents ,Prices ,Classification etc
Fast prescribing Methods .Pre-setting Favorites,Regular medications,Previous Medication
Every Doctor has their own views, attitude and style of consulting. Each and every Doctor has their Own preferred medicines for different causes and treatments.
Doctor’s Desktop help you to arrange these preferred medication and brands with preferred Dosages and Qty.You Can access these information and can be loaded to your prescribing Table in a click. No more searching through enormous brand Names databases of more than 70,000 for your regular medicines to be prescribed
Auto-Drug Interaction and Allergy Checker
Drug Inteaction and Allergy Check is Important Tool for E-Medical practicing .Doctors Desktop allows you to manage and view drug interaction Resources provided with comlete Reference and database. Drug interaction Guide

Medicine Database Management
Patients Appointments and Doctor's Time Scheduling
Medical Procedures and Billing
Simple patient registration (Only Name and Age are Mandatory)
Requisition forms (Hospital Admit requisition, Lab /test Or Procedures requisition)
Referral Letters and Note Templates
Notepad for Medical Notes and Discussion With Med.Rep.
Ptaients Image caputure Tools
Patient's file Storages for Different File formats (X-RAY Images/CT Scan Data etc )
Free Medical Dictionary
Shared Database for two Three Desktops (reception/phramacy etc),Portable Database and Application
Now it's easy to transfer application from Clinic to Hospital , Clinic to home etc ,You can install Ddesktop both computers and transfer data folder whenever you require, it will update databases both PCs ,for more information Contact Our Techinal Support
Electronic Medical records(EMR)
Doctors desktop assist you to record normal medical follow-up of patients

Patient information and details.
Medical evaluation and assessment
Lab test and diagnostic reports.
Medical history and allergies
Medical procedures

Patient personal information:
You can search patient name, add/edit patient details easily


For more information how to prescribe you can download demonstrative application clicking here and Go through our help and tutorials
Medical evaluation and assessment :

Now you can record your Patient's follow-up, normal procedures and evaluation reports more easily
1. Initial medical evaluation report include certain normal evaluation like blood pressure, pulse other normal test reports of RBS and cholesterol etc
2. Reasons for visiting doctor, diseases and symptoms, physical conditions
3. Doctors assessment and reports on patient for the consulting or current visit etc

Extensive help and tutorials and more.........
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