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More Advantages Using Computerised E-prescription
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Doctor's Desktop is designed to Suit the needs of Medical Practitioners for easy and simple Electronic medical recording and EHR.Doctors Desktop made Patient management system very simple and fast.Doctors Desktop is In-Built with Complete Drug Reference provided by NLM Resources and other Trusted Indian Drug Database and resources for quick reference of treatment Online and offline

Advantages of using E-prescribing Software and Computerised medical Practice

1.       No Error! No spelling error! No Complaints

2.       Fast and Easy prescription print-out

3.       Clear And Accurate prescription for patients and  Medical Store-Keepers

4.       Fast and easy  EMR

5.       Medicine databases and medicines database management

6.       Prescriptions are recorded for future reference

7.       No more repeated hand-scribing for regular used prescription of  Common deceases and Symptom

8.       Previous prescriptions are easily edited for New prescription .No need of  repeated  Writing

9.       Easy prescription using pre-set  medicines and favorites

10.   Automatic interaction and allergy check

11.   Patient Records

12.   Patient Histories and Allergic Records

13.   Initial investigation and assessment records

14.   Easy to check previous condition and previous investigation reports

15.   Easy to print detailed prescription, investigation reports, Test/diagnostic reports etc

16.   Easy to print Procedures (Dental procedures ,ECG .etc with price or without price) with prescription

17.   Note templates for preparing easy notes

18.   Easy to print out  Medical Certificates,Refferal letters , Admit requisition, Lab/TEST/Diagnostic Requisition

19.    Easy to search previous prescriptions , patient records etc

20.   Interaction database management

21.   Back-up databases and restore

22.   To Save/view  medical representatives notes and discussion

23.   Patients file storage file records for different file formats(x-ray images-scan images etc)

24.   AND MORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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